Why face your pile?

* Eliminate pile undermining

* Reduce spoilage  

* Reduce shrink (dry matter loss)
* Blend forage before the feed mixer
* Breaks up large chunks
* Remove only what is needed for that day
* Seal out oxygen

Why choose the Easyrake?

*Face all the way to the ground not half way

* Not having hydraulic hoses to hook up saves you 2,920 times in and out of loader cab each year- 4 trips up and down for each feeding 

* Many operators pull tires off the top of bunker with Easy Rake

* Can cut through plastic- reducing the need to work near the silage cliff

* Producers love using them

* Can reach heights up to 40'

* Safe and maintenance free
* Greatly reduces facing time
* Works great on any pile, bunker, bag
* Patented & Designed by dairymen 8 years of development
* Easy to ship and no assembly required
* No moving parts
* 1 year limited warranty

The Easy Rake ® was invented by Riverview Dairy of Morris, MN in the mid 1990s.  Riverview had been using mechanical rotary facers and could not stay ahead of the maintenance and down time on their dairy farms. They began research and development on a facer with no moving parts and used bale spears on a loader arms  This worked OK but Riverview was continually breaking the attachments off their loaders among other problems.  Several years of R&D, adjusting and rebuilding they built the perfect facer and came out with The Easy Rake- "This Rake Don't Break!" 

Riverview then patented the Easy Rake and set up a Nationwide network of dealers to sell the rakes.  In September of 2011 Riverview sold the product line to Hanson Silo Company of Lake Lillian, MN. 

Hanson Silo is a 4th generation family owned grain and feed storage and handling business.  The Hanson family has been involved in agriculture and has grown to symbolize quality, economy, and dependability.  Founded in 1916 by Emil Hanson - a local farmer who wanted a better product for himself and for his neighbors. His goal - to manufacture an improved product at the best price with the lowest upkeep. 

Acquiring the Easy Rake fit in exceptionally well with Hanson's go to market strategy and allowed Riverview to focus on their core business- running dairy farms. 


For more information visit www.hansonsilo.com