Why face your pile?

* Eliminate pile undermining

* Reduce spoilage  

* Reduce shrink (dry matter loss)
* Blend forage before the feed mixer
* Breaks up large chunks
* Remove only what is needed for that day
* Seal out oxygen

Why choose the Easyrake?

*Face all the way to the ground not half way

* Not having hydraulic hoses to hook up saves you 2,920 times in and out of loader cab each year- 4 trips up and down for each feeding 

* Many operators pull tires off the top of bunker with Easy Rake

* Can cut through plastic- reducing the need to work near the silage cliff

* Producers love using them

* Can reach heights up to 40'

* Safe and maintenance free
* Greatly reduces facing time
* Works great on any pile, bunker, bag
* Patented & Designed by dairymen 8 years of development
* Easy to ship and no assembly required
* No moving parts
* 1 year limited warranty


Welcome to the official homepage of the Easy Rakesilage facer, the preferred choice in forage pile facers. With no moving parts, the Easy Rake silage facer will save you time and reduce maintenance costs while preserving particle length.

Silage facers can be frustrating! Bearings go out, chains and tighteners need to be replaced, motors and sprockets give out and invariably someone forgets to unhook the hydraulic hoses. Moving teeth also grind the silage particles into smaller pieces. These are the primary reasons the Easy Rakesilage facer was designed by the Riverview team. There are no moving parts to maintain, hoses to attach or motors to replace.  

Just think of the time savings alone of 2,920 less trips from the cab down to the loader to attach and detach hydraulic lines over a 1 year period.  

Riverview has used many kinds of facers over the years. None of them, however, have been as long-lasting and maintenance-free as the Easy Rake silage facer. See the the Easy Rake silage facer in action below.

Easy Rake Facer Specs
Model #Attaches To:SizeWeightMax Height
 PL20 Payloaders 20L' x 8W' 2,500 lbs. 32 feet
 PL16 Payloaders 16L' x 8W' 2,200 lbs. 28 feet
 PL12 Payloaders 12L' x 8W' 1,800 lbs. 24 feet
 PL6 Payloaders 6L' x 8W' 1,600 lbs. 18 feet
 TH4 Telehandlers 4L' x 7W' 500 lbs Depends on length of boom up (4' past the end of the TH)
 SS10 Skidsteers 10L' x 6W' 700 lbs. 20 feet





8L' x 6W'


600 lbs

400 lbs

16 feet

13 feet


The Easy Rake silage facer is crafted with precision and care. Hanson Silo owns the patented Easy Rake silage facer and understands the importance of quality workmanship.

The Easy Rake silage facer works great on any size forage pile. Models are available for all types of machines including loaders, telehandlers and skidsteers.